I hope these words will inspire you and motivate you to start working on your own money goals.

Nicole B.

“Don’t pass up the chance to work with her!”

Amy is an incredibly thoughtful person. She’s whip-smart but has the empathy to match, making her an incredible ally in all things business and life. Amy doesn’t buy into fads and frivolity: her work is backed by tons of experience, training and a genuine concern for her clients and the world we live in. If you want to improve your relationship with money in a practical, sustainable, life-changing way, don’t pass up the chance to work with her! Nicole Baute







“Thank you, Amy, for everything!”

Working with Amy has been an eye-opening experience! She’s supportive, helpful, and insanely knowledgeable. She has really helped me to put a plan in place for saving money and paying off my debt. And I’m actually excited about doing it! It’s probably because Amy breaks everything down in a way that is accessible and easy to implement! Thank you Amy for everything! Rhoda Jordan, Spiritual Teacher + Writer + Speaker

“I have started saving for the first time in my life.”

“Before Amy Carbone taught me the Money Minder system I did not even balance my checkbook. Although I have always had a decent income I was living paycheck to paycheck and had a phobia of actually looking at my checking account.

Also, I was in the habit of using credit cards, paying them off, and doing it again until finally it caught up with me. Now about 3 years later I have not used my cards and I have paid them down a lot AND I have started saving for the first time in my life. I feel totally in control of my finances and therefore less stressed.

If I had started this process years ago I would be a millionaire by now.”  Natascha Seideneck

“Her compassionate personality helped alleviate the shame”

“There are three parts of money coaching with Amy Carbone that I found particularly helpful. First, she’s extremely non-judgmental and compassionate. Her training as a therapist and her compassionate personality helped alleviate the shame that had previously kept us stuck in the problem. This allowed us to be more honest and to take meaningful steps for change.

Secondly, Amy gave us a system that was straightforward and helped us understand where we stood financially and allowed us to evaluate different solutions.

Lastly, she left us with additional tools that allow us to continue the constant feedback loop of planning, evaluating, and adjusting our spending and saving on an on-going basis.

I highly recommend money coaching with Amy Carbone. In doing this work, I was surprised how quickly the changes could be implemented. Additionally, by following her program, the anxiety of financial trouble was immediately replaced with relief. I truly believe she has a program that can help you solve your problems with money.”   Jasmin Carter

“The coaching helped me to be clearer about the process of budgeting and getting rid of debt so I could rest easier at night”

“Money coaching and Amy’s good counseling helped me to be more conscious and aware of what happened (or didn’t happen) with my income. The coaching helped me to be clearer about the process of budgeting and getting rid of debt so I could rest easier at night.

Amy helped to solve my main problem – to be more mindful about what is being paid out and what is coming in. Before it was hit or miss whether or not I was on top of my finances. I still have slight relapses, but never before have I had the commitment to actually schedule a night to work on my money.

Working with Amy was great and I appreciated her methodical, step-by-step way to help me manage my finances. I was surprised at how the money system was eventually user friendly as Amy taught it.

I would strongly recommend Amy Carbone’s counseling and money coaching to anyone having problems managing their finances.”  Ben Cousland

“You won’t find a better coach or a better, kinder person”

“Amy has a unique ability to know when to switch from the technical aspects of money coaching to the more emotional things that get in the way of my money goals.  She is very patient and non-judgmental, and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. She’s both a fantastic coach and a very talented counselor/therapist!

Before working with Amy, I would not even look at my online banking or open my bills on time.  It’s not that I didn’t have enough money, it was just that I was so disorganized and I would get so far behind that it would be a massive chore to set things straight.  I also was not paying attention to saving for retirement or for fun things like vacations.  Amy taught me the importance of being in touch with my values, and aligning my values with how I took care of my money.  

Now I have a regular money practice and I no longer waste money on bounced checks or high credit card interest rates.  I save regularly, and actually enjoy the process of minding my money!  

You won’t find a better coach or a better, kinder person.  Coaching with Amy has changed my life for the better!”  Joan Stanton